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Mini Pedicure

This includes nail shaping and some cuticle work with a paint. (30-40 minutes



Pedicure this service includes foot soak with exfoliation and massage, cuticle work with a file and polish of your choice. (1-11/2 hr)


Packages available for weddings and proms.



We also offer a wide range of nail services

• Acrylic Enhancements

• Gel Enhancements

• Silk Enhancements

We will include polish and a little extra freehand nail art with lots of designs to choose from.

All the nail service products we use are the NSI brand Manicure and Pedicure products are Kaeso.




*Leave adequate time after your treatment to allow your polish to dry before leaving the salon

Pedicure Aftercare Advice

*Use non acetone product remover

*Always use a base coat under polish

*Use a good quality top coat to prevent chipping of polish

*Use hand cream, or lotion every day

*Use a cuticle cream or oil (olive) to moisture soft tissue

*Keep nails at a sensible length

*Exercise hand and feet to keep joints supple

*After washing feet dry toughly

*Do not wear tight socks, tights or shoes